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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. i'm jade hernandez. san francisco police are investigating a mysterious powder this morning. this incident sent one police officer to the hospital. we'll have more on that coming up. welt roads may make for a tough commute. we'll tell you where the trouble spots are. we could start off with a lot of sunshine and warm weather has given away to rain. how much rain for the weekend and how cold. also what oakland police were doing when a pit bull confronted them and how they responded to that threat. it's all ahead on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning thank you for joining us it's friday november 19th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. thank you very much. we have cloudy skies and light rain. it's been falling for an hour and a half. just seem to want to hang out. although watsonville does say light rain. it's out there. cloudy skies. cool conditions and light rain today. rain will be picking up late tonight. good morning traffic is moving along okay. you can see it's a little bit wet and that means that some people not you of course but others drive too fast and get into trouble and get into accidents. we already have a bunch of fender bendiers out there. nothing major yet. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. that moves along okay.
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6:02 this morning. an investigation into a strange incident at a san francisco university. it involves a mysterious powder. jade hernandez is joining us live with all the details. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. we are live in front of the san francisco police station. five officers were testing an unknown material they took from an apartment building owned by the university. the officers were using a field testing kit when the materials tested made a popping noise and released an odor. one of the officers were taken to the hospital for precautionary measures. no one else was effected. initially this began when a police checked on a campus apartment building. they found the materials inside by the time they got there. so they took a few samples and brought them back to the police
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station on campus. >> we will submit the evidence to an industrial hygienist. >> reporter: the university plans to have a chemical expert identify the mysterious powder. as you heard ellen say in that sound bite we've called officer griffin this morning she told us she is checking on a few details for us this morning. we'll have more on that straight ahead. reporting live jade hernandez. 6:04 two men have been killed in a deadly car crash in san francisco early this morning. police say a car with five people inside was driving westbound on ocean avenue toward sarah. a witness claims the car was going fast and the driver lost control and smashed into a pole. two men were thrown out of the car. one of them pronounced dead at the scene the other one died later at a hospital. two other people were hurt.
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a fifth person actually walked away from the crash unharmed. the cause of this crash is still under investigation. an oakland police investigation continues this morning after a pit bull was shot by police last night. it happened while officers were searching for two gunman near 22nd avenue and spencer street at 9:00 last night. there was a confrontation with the pit bull and the police officers opened fire. the dog was shot in the leg and will survive. police also made one arrest but the investigation and the search for a gun continues. weak left-hand city officials are stepping up their cam -- oakland city officials are stepping up their game to keep the a's in town. kraig debro is live in oakland with the details on that. >> reporter: good morning. whether you are asking somebody or telling them to move it's not an easy thing to do. one of the three proposed sites for the a's stadium is called
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victory court. right after a street in this area. it's basically east of where we are. a little bit north and south. one of the people that is in the area of the proposed site says he's opposed to the plan. >> just plain balling it up. i would use other terms but i'm on tv. >> reporter: he lives on a street in oak street. victory court is one of three proposed sites. but the city is taking a major step in favoring the site by starting an environmental impact report. starting that process any way and requesting public input starting with a december 1st planning commission meeting. we spoke with bruce this morning he told us he will not move for any price. >> it's something i built. i just can't see leaving.
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>> reporter: there will be a public process and certainly mayorlike gene quan is one of many voices. she told us this morning that she favors victory court. the a's want a new stadium. it's one of the oldest in the whole major league baseball. it was built back in 1968. it is not intimate. fans sit far away from the action. and the a's have threatened to move to another city if they don't get a new stadium. reporting live in oakland kraig debro. >> thank you. 6:07 more people taking advantage of a flaw in the new clipper cards since a glitch was exposed. riders found out they don't have to pay off the negative balances. the balances have increased from 150 to 200 every day. there were only between 40 and 50 cases a day before that problem was reported. despite the jump there are no plans to fix that problem.
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6:07 is the time right now. let's go back to sal for a look at the traffic. we do have a serious problem developing on the peninsula this time it's an accident in san mateo county. appears a car has hit a bicyclist near the off ramp there. police are rushing to the scene. this may have been the result of a wrong way driver and we're trying to get more details on that. we'll let you know. also this morning we're looking at the westbound bay bridge that traffic is looking good coming into san francisco. so far in san francisco we have rain moving through. steve is here right now to tell us the deal with that. we have light rain. there is line stretching from san francisco and oakland to eastward. it's covering more toward the north bay. you can always tweet me if you are getting rain.
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all the ox -- all the observations say cloudy. a lot of clouds over us. front still up here. right there. it will be in here tonight. that will pick up the rain. it's actually developing and drawing up moisture from the southwest which helps to get moisture in the atmosphere. had dry weather the last couple of days. now things are changing fast. 50s, 50s, and upper 50s. the rain picks up later. cloudy with light rain. 55 and 58. it did turn colder last night. i noticed a chill in the air. 52-53 take your pick. everybody is right there. san francisco, san jose, oakland, berkeley. the cloud cover will not allow temperatures to change that much. we are picking up a little bit of south wind.
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50s and 40s and cloudy skies will be the rule. the key will be tonight when that first system moves south that will give us rain tomorrow into saturday morning. that will funnel in very cold and unstable air. cooler and breezy highs in the 50s or very low 60s. colder over the weekend with rain. saturday and sunday is the main system. possible hail and low snow levels. if you are heading to the mountains winter storm morning out today. snowfall around 2-3 feet but above 7,000 there could be more than that and gusts over 70 miles an hour. if you have to go, go today. cloudy, cooler, light rain a little breezy at times. highs in the 50s and 60s. it is all 50 as the cold air slides through. cool but clearing on tuesday. thank you. 6:10. it's official the price of
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attending the university of california will go up next fall. uc regents approved an 8% fee hike for under graduate tuition. they also approved a more than 10% hike for graduate students. there were no protests at yesterday's meeting however some of the students spoke up at that hearing. >> students are already broke. they come in they don't come in with a job or degree they come out of high school or community college. >> 55% of the student body because they are eligible for public assistance in education will not be paying the increase. so that is a great thing. >> the regents that voted no say the hikes will only bring in a tiny portion of what is needed to close next years $1 billion short fall. next year they vote on proposed changes to the employee pension program. here is a break down of the numbers. the 8% increase amounts to $822. it makes the cost of under grad
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tuition $1, 124 a year. four years will soon cost $44,000. well if you are flying next month, american airlines is offering a discount of some of its inflight surface. it's five at five promotion is to create a fun atmosphere for the holidays. president obama has a arrived for the nato summit in portugal. i will show you what he is hoping to accomplish.
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good morning right now there is a very serious accident involving a car that was driving the wrong way on the freeway. came off the freeway and hit a bicyclist. now that bicyclist is injured. san mateo county sheriff is handling the investigation. i will tell you the -- i will tell you more about the extent of areas. sathank you. new this morning president obama has arrived in portugal for a meeting with nato leaders. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom and says their focus is the war in afghanistan and when the troops will come home. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have received new video of president obama's arrival at
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the u.s. embassy in portugal. he's there to meet with leaders of 28 nato countries for what some are calling the most important meeting in nato history. they are discussing when and how troops will be pulling out of afghanistan. general david petraeus is also at the summit to promote his plan to handing over responsibility for security in some parts of the afghan forces have -- have reversed the momentum of the taliban in places. >> reporter: the plan is to end the combat role of the nato alliance by 2014 but keep forces in the country to train and advise afghans. the president is facing some challenges convincing european nations to stay the course. president obama is holding a news conference later this hour. we'll have it for you here on the morning news. for now we are live in
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washington, d.c.. alison burns. an army staff sergeant from california died this week in afghanistan divide senft was 24 years old. he was a gunman on a black hawk helicopter. he died on monday. senft grew up in trey -- tracy. he is survived by his wife and son. a formal fair well for a police officer. fagan died of a heart attack. he made headlines by what was named the fajita gate scandal. those that knew him said he had a vibrant personality. the memorial service is taking
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police at st. mary's cathedral. >> his service will effect some part of the commute? >> that is right. the police escorts will get there for the former chief. he will be -- the ceremony will start at 10:00. it's most likely going to be a typical police officer funeral where there will be a lot of police officers in attendance. the area of st. mary's cathedral good area to stay away from unless you are going to that service. you may want to go out of your area to go around it. there may be closes when they move from the service to the cemetery. it will be impacted for most if not all of the morning. we also have another accident to get to. 280 southbound on 84 a bicyclist was hit by an suv. it's unclear if this is a hit and run crash but someone is
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injured. let's move along and take a look at the commute now we're going to highway -- let's go to steve. thank you very much. cloudy and cool with light rain this morning. colder air started to filter in. we'll continue to do so. nothing too heavy there is light rain. look at that ban seems to want to stretch from san francisco to oakland. but very light but it's there. cloudy and cooler. the front is still waiting to get here and that will be tonight. it will send that system south. but for the morning and most of the early afternoon it's cloudy and cooler with light rain. 50s not woman for the -- not only for the lows but the highs. there is plenty out there. most of that is to the north of us as that begins to move in, it will increase the rain rates and usher in for this time of year very cold air.
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cloudy and cooler. breezy at times. that is out soft southeast -- that is out of the southeast now. late rain saturday into sunday. a break saturday but then it turns colder. saturday night sunday is the main band. that could be moderate to heavy rain. takes us into monday and tuesday clearing but very cool. pam and dave. thank you, steve. interest rates on fixed mortgages bounced up slightly from its all-time low. the average rate for a 30 year fixed loan is 4.37%. that's up nearly a quarter point in the last week. the 15 year rate also bounced up about the same amount to 3.3%. america airlines will offer an inflight happy hour. it's five at 5:00 will discount
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drinks. the continuing question of paper or plastic has a new meaning in at least one bay area community. you will find out why it's possible that neither one will do. an emotional home coming how two bay area doctors use the cholera scare to narrowing escape violent riots. 680 looks pretty good. wet roads are
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good morning right now traffic is effected by the wet weather. it's wet in many areas including at the bay bridge where there is a little bit of backup building already. no problems on the way into san francisco so far. 6:24. all right, sal. snow is in the weekend forecast for the sierra that is good news for skiers and snow borders and others that work in the mountains. they hope to have enough snow to open before thanks giving weekend which could be a big moneymaker. they predict they will have five feet of snow at the higher elevations. all the major roads over the mountains are open. the chp reminds you carry
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chains. san jose is considering taking the ban on throw away shopping bags even further than any bay area city. they will ban both plastic and paper disposable shopping bags. retailers can paper bags with 40% recycled content for 10 cents a piece. a meeting allowing public comment on that was held last night. a husband and wife team of doctors from livermore that were helping out in haiti found themselves in need of help to get out of haiti. sean and sarah hessler were greeted by sean's anxious parents. they were volunteering helping haitian mothers give birth and treating cholera patients. as haitians began rioting this week attacking troops and doctors the two yours the fear of cholera to flee the country. >> we had plenty of medical
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supplies. we dressed up in scrubs and pretended like one of us was a patient and we were able to get through with the ambulance and siren on. we told them at the block aid we had a patient with cholera. >> they believe troops brought the cholera with them. more than 1,000 have died with the disease. an east bay man has a warning this morning. he's claiming a moving company vanished with all of his belongings. sylvester weaver said he hired stevens moving and storage back in june. he gave the movers the first payment about $700 cash. when he tried to contact the moving company this week there was no response. neighbors say the moving campaign suddenly -- moving company suddenly moved out. >> and i'm having my kids over for the holidays in my new house and since i'm not going to have any furniture, we will probably have to put it off
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until next year. >> we did check the better business bureau data base and found that they have a grade of f along with 115 complaints. calls we made to the companies president and building owner have not been returned. in an inflight emergency to tell you about. the problem that forced a plane of california bound passengers an unexpected stop. a mysterious pop and odor after testing a mysterious powder. why they are calling in a chemical expert today. it was a big day on wall street. but what is in store there today. opening bell will ring and pam will have all the early numbers.
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welcome back to the morning
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news. they are getting ready to ring that opening bell in new york this morning. huge day yesterday following general motors ipo. we'll see what happens today. that is bay area company net from sunnyvale. and it looks like a pretty good day. we do have numbers coming in here. they are doing the big countdown. we'll have the number pop up on the bottom part of your screen in a moment. that is the opening bell live. >> good. good morning to you. thank you for joining us on the morning news. friday november 19th i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. two men are dead after a car crash in san francisco early this morning. police say a car carrying five people driving within on ocean avenue at 12:40 12:40 -- at
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12:45. the driver lost control and hit a pole. two men were thrown from the car. one was pronounced dead at the scene. the other died at the hospital. the official cause is still under investigation. scary moments in the air after a plane's windshield cracked mid flight. a passenger took this photo probably as they exited the plane. the delta airlines flight was heading to john wayne airport from atlanta yesterday when an emergency was declared. the pilot told passengers no air was leaking and no glass had broken. but the flight was diverted to dallas. the investigation is under way. 6:31 this morning the investigation continues into a mysterious powder. that incident sent a police officer to the hospital.
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jade hernandez is joining us live. she has the latest on what happened. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the police crime tape has been taken down here at the san francisco state police station but this is where the incident took place. initially this began last night when police were checking on a campus owned apartment building before 6:00. there was a report of a quarter. by the time officers arrived they did not find anyone inside. they did find a mysterious powder and materials at the apartment. they took a couple samples and brought them back to the police station on the campus. they were using a field testing kit when the materials tested made a popping noise and released an odor. one officer was taken to the hospital. he was treated and released. >> we will submit the evidence to an industrial hygienist to find out what the substances might have been and the reaction might have been. >> reporter: as you heard the
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university claims to have a chemical expert identify the mysterious powder. the spokeswoman is looking into where the apartment was checking on is located. she noted no one was found. >> investigators will be back there looking into what that mysterious powder was. we'll check in with jade in a little bit. two south bay mothers are accused of stealing thousands of dollars from their children's school fund. jennifer vazquez and wendie hayes are due in court next month. they are accused of taking $30,000 from the home and school club in san jose. according to court documents, the women allegedly used the money for purchases at jc penny, old navy, and netflix and gas stations. the golden gate bridge board of directors votes this
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morning on fare hikes. the san francisco commission approved fare hikes for the new riders that useth clipper cards. a one way ticket would increase from $4.40 to $4.85. the fee would go from up $5.15 to $5.70. bart has announced its fare structure for dublin's bart station. they pay $4.15 to go to berkeley. it will cost $5.05 to go to walnut creek. if you want to go to san francisco airport it will cost $10. let's check back in with sal. i heard a chp spokesperson say there is a million people in california still don't use their seat belts. surprising to me. >> yeah. on a day like today you think
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they would want to use seat belts. a lot of fender benders. let's go outside. i want to show you what is going on injury accident on 84 east off ramp. that is going to wood side road. san mateo county sheriff is on the scene. bicyclist was hit by a car. that car took off. it's a hit and run accident. let's move on and take a traffi moving along okay. it looks like there is flashing lights there. we'll get to the bottom of that. just a lot of fender benders out there today because of the wet weather. people not driving very well. some people don't drive very well. not everyone. but some people drive too fast. get into accidents. you will see slower traffic as an accident. very stead daylight rain continues -- very steady light rain continues. not much to the north or south
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and all the abs visions surprisingly -- all the observations say surprisingly. it's raining pretty good here at the mother ship. for some mainly if you're coming in on highway 24 and then heading toward bay bridge you will definitely encounter rain to the north and south of that so far. if that's not the case yoke mail me or -- you can e-mail me or tweet me. now the rain will pick up tonight. late this afternoon and tonight. that will be heavier. the main band comes in saturday night-sunday. sunday morning looks to be prime time for not only some of the heaviest rain but the coldest temperatures. they will plunge tomorrow starting at noon and taking us into noon sunday. cloudy and cooler and light rain. you can see where it says cloudy and cooler that is all cold air. cloudy today temperatures coming down. on monday we had record highs.
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remember those? 80 to 84 degrees. 52-53 everybody. 40s in the mountains. the snow will start off high and come way down. there will be a lot of snow up there. i will get to totals in a second. 40s and 50s on your temps. the key to the whole mess right now is the low. as it does that gives us a cloudy day today. the rain picks up tonight and a weekend of colder air. off and on rain. possible hail. i'm concerned about sunday night into monday over highway 17 some of the higher passes here. for the sierra winter storm warnings. they are not messing around. snowfall 2-3 feet. there are projections if
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everything came together 4-5. above 7,000. so the earlier you go the better. get up there on friday or very early sat. because sat night and sunday could be really tough. cloudy and cooler and light rain. that's out of the south, southeast. that is the front direction. 50s to very low 60s. so not the best weekend for outdoor activities if you are going to the big game so dress warm. there could be a bright between noon and four. you will notice very cold air coming in. that take us saturday night into sunday. a cold shower. clearing and cool on tuesday. >> thank you, steve. a disabled san jose man say he was accosted by federal agents in a mistaken identity. what the mayor of oakland has done to secure a new stadium for the a's in oakland.
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good morning 2:37 slow traffic crossing the valley.
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>> good morning. traffic is moving along slowly in some areas. looks like there is a small crash up there. westbound 24 near the lafayette
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bart station. there has been a lot of minor accidents because of the weather. we will keep you posted. thank you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. there is an investigation this morning after oakland police opened fire on a pit bulldog last night. officers were out there searching for two gunmen in east oakland when there was a confrontation with that dog. the dog is expected to survive. two men have just died after a car crash in san francisco overnight. the driver of this car lost control and hit a light pole at ocean avenue. the cause is under investigation. and president obama is now in portugal this morning for two days of meetings with nato partners and the european union. on the agenda the u.s. exit strategy in afghanistan. save the a's.
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kraig debro joins us now from oakland with the story this morning. >> reporter: good morning. i just made a couple of phone calls. i made a call to mayor elect gene quan she says the eir is being called on the strict court site it's -- victory court site. she says because they are doing the eir on that particular site that is a pretty good indication that that's the site that the city is going to favor. she says you're not going to spend that much on an eir if that is not the site. people that lives near this proposed site is opposed to the plan. >> just plain balling it up. i would use other terms but i'm on tv. >> reporter: bruce lives on a house on oak street. it's not technically inside the victory court site but it's too
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close for comfort for him. victory court is one of three proposed sites. the city is taking a major site in favoring this site by starting the eir and requesting public input. in addition to that the mayor gene quan has told them she's the new mayor and wants to keep the a's here. that is the first step in the process. that's when they will discussth eir with the public. when we told bruce he said he will not move for any price. enter it's something -- >> it's something i built. >> reporter: they are playing in the coliseum. they have been playing there since 1968. it's one of the oldst stadiums. it seats more than 40,000 people but the fans are so far
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away from the action many people do not go to the games. it's not in with major league baseball current planning with parks around the stadium which are smaller, more intimate and in places that have businesses around them. this particular victory court site has that. and that is two of the reasons she favors this site. the planning commission is on december 1st. they are taking public statement at that time. a leader in al qaeda is saying any future negotiations about five french hostages have to be conducted with osama bin laden himself. no details on how bin laden can be contacted. he said to make sure the hostages stay safe france should with draw its troops
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from afghanistan. just hours ago an explosion ripped through a coal mine in new zealand and 27 miners are still missing. that explosion was under grown and we're told it was a big one. five miners all of them dazed and slightly injured were able to somehow stumble to the surface. this mine isn't far from one of new zealand's worst lining disasters. that's when 19 people were killed in an explosion. a 51-year-old disabled man said federal agents accost the him, roughed him up, and dropped him to the ground and sped off when they realized he was not the man they were looking for. he accused the agents slamming his head against his car hood. u.s. marshals office says it's
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investigate the incident. you tube video of a fight in an east oakland denny's is draw lot of attention. you can see they hurled chairs, drinks and other objects at each other. causing a lot of damage to that restaurant. five people were cited. wow. let's go to sal. what do the pictures at the toll plaza look like? >> they look pretty good. a little bit of slow traffic. we have good news we didn't find the accident we were looking for so that is good. that accident has been cleared. westbound bay bridge though did i say it looked pretty good? that's a mistake. it doesn't look good at all. westbound coming into san francisco the picture may be clear but it doesn't look good. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. that does look good. this accident this is the one we were talking about.
6:48 am
this accident is gone. southbound 280 at east 84 has been cleared. let's go to steve. thank you. a very happy friday everyone. last week was windy and warm. this weekend it will get cold. we have rain as well. this won't be a washout. there will be distinct bans coming through. the first little one is not much. it's steady. it looks like it's starting to slide a little bit south. the front is still up here. that slides in late this afternoon into tonight. takes us into early saturday morning. the main focus will be late saturday into sunday morning. that's when the cool air arrives. we will see big drops. highs yesterday 50s and 60s. i went all 50s expect san jose i went 60s. i wanted to go 59. what is the difference? only one degree. if i was to say upper 50s and
6:49 am
we're in the 50s right now. 52-53 due to the cloud cover. i have seen .04. 40s in the mountains. 40s and 50s up and down until you hit southern california. eureka a cold, cold rain. they say it's cold up there. the key is the moisture is coming in now is coming in from the southwest so it's mild to warm. that is putting a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. everything will swing in and that starts tonight and takes us into saturday night and sunday. the national weather service not messing around. snowfall two to three feet likely above 7,000. a possibility of 4-5. the wind will be picking up gusts over 75. again i think late saturday and sunday is the window for the
6:50 am
worst weather if you are traveling up there. cloudy and cooler for us. breezy at times. 50s and low 60s. so cloudy cooler with light rain today. picks up tonight into saturday. very cold kind of showery sunday into monday. thank you. keep an eye on dell this morning after yesterday's closing bell. the pc maker reported net income more than doubled in the last quarter. revenue jumped to $880 million. as governments spent more to replace aging technology. checking in on the numbers dell stock up about 1.5% right now. but the broader market losing some ground after big s yesterday. dow jones down 5 points as we look live at the big board. san francisco has 31 universities and colleges and
6:51 am
housing those students may with the next big opportunity for builders in san francisco. san francisco business times reports new guidelines from the city planning commission now exempt student residential projects. that would cut developers cost. opposition is mounting in san francisco the issue a ban on a very sensitive medical procedure find out who is behind the push back.
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have you ever considered, i don't know, getting it waxed? waxed? yeah. bro, that's a little weird. i don't know, doesn't seem that weird to me. just keep shaving my back, ok? oh, dude, can i get a bite? what, with my spoon? that's disgusting.
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6:53. let's go to tori to see what coming up. >> good morning. coming up in minutes we are getting drizzle in the bay area but they will be getting a lot of snow in the sierra. how much is expected at one resort and what this means for drivers heading to the mountains. we're following a strange incident at sf state involving an unknown powder that sent one officer to the hospital. we're looking to learn the identity of that powder. this morning east bay parents are going up against a big corporation. what they don't want built to next to their children's school. and a small earthquake hit the bay area last night. now back to you on the morning news. >> thank you. a funding deadline is threatening plans for that giant aircraft hangar known as
6:55 am
hangar one. it fills eight acres. it's 195 feet tall. it was built in 1933 with a since learned toxic siting that the navy is removing. it will spend $20 million to restore it. they want to return it to its original mission. >> we are looking at air ships, floatable balloons that are able to generate electricity in remote areas. we see a test bed for things that are on the cutting edge. >> what is still not clear if congress will allocate another $10 million for the restoration project and it's money that has to be approved before the end of the month. hangar one is listed on the register of historic places. some wanted it to become home of the smithsonian museum of the west. that will be interesting. let's check in with sal. >> we do have traffic that is very busy out there.
6:56 am
let's go outside and take a look at san mateo bridge. westbound 92 some heavy rain moving through. a lot of fender benders. not serious accidents but people getting into crashes when they lose control after their vehicles. westbound bay bridge a big backup get into san francisco. san francisco itself not too bad if you're driving in northbound 101 that looks okay. approaching the 80 split. let's go to steve. happy friday and light rai to fall. it looks like this band is finally moving south. it wanted to hang over san francisco for awhile. now it's sliding south. the front is still up on the north coast. as that moves closer to us by the evening the rain rates will pick up. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. we'll talk about what looks to be a cold weekend coming up on mornings on 2. the jewish community is outraged about a move to
6:57 am
criminalize circumcision in san francisco. they are gathering the signatures to get the issue on the ballot next year. it would make circumcision a misdemeanor. jewish leaders are taking actions saying circumcision is an entry call part of their religion. triggering the part of a holiday season. a new part starts with snowfalling. pleasantton kicks off its open house at 6:00. and macy's annual holiday windows begin featuring the adoptable pets. joan baez is now recovering after taking a tumble from her tree house. the legendary folk singer was treated for minor injuries
6:58 am
following the accident in her backyard. she suffered cuts and bruises after falling 20 feet. she's made it a habilitate of sleeping in -- she's made it a habit of sleeping in her tree house. the bay area is bracing itself for chilly wet weekend. look at the live picture. we have all the details coming up. san francisco state police are look for answers following the discovery of a mysterious powder. stay with us. one taste, and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries. mm! america runs on dunkin'.
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